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Puedo Viajar

Who are we?

Get to know us

About Puedo Viajar

Puedo Viajar is an idea of FEJIDIF and it was born in 2009 thanks to the support that the Ministery of Industry, Commerce and Tourism provided by Plan Avanza’s application.

Puedo Viajar is an accessible tourism social network that has been created day by day by people that share detailed information of the accessibility of tourist destinations, which they experience in first person.

Puedo Viajar poses places to discover; it also suggests routes and recommends trips.

On Puedo Viajar all is meant to facility the organization of the dreamed trip and it is directed to disabled people and those that are interested in accessible tourism.

Experience your travelling adventures thanks to Puedo Viajar!.

Advantages of Puedo Viajar

Social network

Explore and compare

All kinds of people participate and collaborate in the production of the contents that we offer. It also allows the establishment of ties and relations with people that share the same interests and tourist necessities.


Whitout barriers

Puedo Viajar offers detailed information about the contents’ accessibility, which is useful to organize trips for disabled people (whenever that disability is physical, organic, visual, auditory or intellectual).


Contents and services

All the contents and services that are offered are free for everybody.


Honest information

Puedo Viajar checks and adds new contents regularly, so that this information is as reliable and trustworthy as possible.

For everybody


The basic and indispensable information on Puedo Viajar is translated to several languages: English, German and French.

Useful and practical

Easy and effective

Puedo Viajar aims to bring together in a single web all possible contents in order to facilitate the organization of an affordable and accessible trip. Contents have been organized to provide an easy and intuitive use.

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