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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ Area

Here you can solve all the doubts which you have got when you surf in PUEDO VIAJAR.

List of the most common questions of our users:

It is the first Spanish portal which is accessible to all type of users, although it is specially focused to people with some type of disability. Where you could find a complete, truthful and actual information about accessible tourism and leisure time. This information will be filled and contrasted by all the user of the entrance page. Puedo Viajar is a new Project made by FEJIDIF, subsidized by the Industry, Trading and Tourism Ministry, inside the Project of The Plan Avanza 2009.

All these questions, once filled, will serve to give the necessary information of each one of the experiences, such as, type of experience, location, geographic data, commentaries, accessibility, and so on.

The experiences of other users are found in the section "Tourist Services" and they are divided in several sections: Routes, accomodations, eating and drinking, historical buildings, interesting places, furthermore, there is an advanced searcher to be able to find quickly the experience which interests the most to the user. Inside of each section, the experiences also appear in some flanges divided into types and a number of experiences which you can find.

Follow to an user. This fact means that you could watch his/her profile with his/her experiences, trips and routes which he/she shared. Once you had pressed in "Follow to this user", you would be informed about all the actions which he/she makes in the portal "Puedo Viajar".

Enter in the section "Share an experience". Here you should fill in all the possible data to create a point of tourist interest, accessibility, location, suggestions, type of point and so on. Once filled this information and kept the information, it will appear in the section "Tourist Services" and it will be visible for all the users of this entrance.

To get all the information of the portal and to be able to interact as an user you should register as such person. To register is necessary to fill all the field gaps of the main section "Register".

In the section "My travelogue" you could access to the last trips, last experiences, some points of interests and so on… published by the users. Moreover you could create a relation of your favorite sites and users that you follow.

In the section "Create routes" you could get on and share all the routes which you had recorded in your GPS, for this, you would have to choose "option 1" and continue filling some easy steps. Once the trip is created, it will appear in the section "Routes" and it will be visible for all the users.

If you have made some trip recently or you are planning some quick trip and you want to share it with your group of friends of "Puedo Viajar", you should enter in the section "Create routes" and tick the "option 2", you should fill all the specific fields to describe the main points and the main features of the trip. Once all the fields are filled and the trip is created, it will appear in the section "Experiences" and it will be visual for all the users.

The professionals of the tourist group can introduce all the information about their products in order to the users of the portal can access to it.


If you haven't found whatever you are looking for, you can contact with us from here.

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